Rode Wireless Go – Small but Powerful | My New Microphone

Rode is an Australian brand known for their quality audio instruments. Rode microphones are used by the professionals and praised by all. Rode wireless go is the newest addition to their wireless...

Which microphone do I use for my videos? Rode VS Boya

Here I'm answering the most asked question for me. Which mic do I really use for my videos? I have two microphones from two different price range. Boya BY M1 and Rodelink...

Complete Budget Home Recording Setup – BM800 w/Phantom Power

Today I'm introducing you my new home recording setup. The setup contains a condenser microphone BM800 by Neweer. It connects with a phantom power supply. There's a pop filter and a microphone...

Boya BY MM1 – Budget Shotgun Microphone for DSLR/Smartphone

Boya is a budget microphone producer. This is one their hot shotgun microphone. You can use it outdoor to capture sounds along with surrounding sounds. You can use this microphone in DSLR,...

5 Budget Microphones for YouTubing/Singing

I have another video where I tried to give an idea about microphones to the people who is new to recording. This video is about recommending some good microphones for creators who...

Microphones Guide | How to Select The Best Microphone for YouTubing/Singing

Your video quality vastly depends on the sound quality that you have. Most of the times you will lose your viewers if the sound quality is not good. In order to have...

In-Depth Review of BM100FX 3.5mm USB Condenser Microphone for PC/Mobile

BM 100FX is a cheap condenser microphone that gives a good sound quality. It can be used for a various purpose. It's an ideal microphone for YouTubers and singers. It has a cardioid polar...

Fifine K669B USB Condenser Microphone – Good for YouTubers

Fifine K669B is a USB condenser microphone which is popular for its quality on a cheap price. It is a plug & play USB microphone that costs around 3,900 taka in BDShop.Fifine K669B:

Boya BY WM4 Wireless Microphone Review for Smartphone, DSLR, Laptop, Camcorder

BOYA is producing budget microphones for quite sometimes. They have been releasing some cheap microphones that would take the market by storm. This Chinese company did not compromise with the quality of the microphone...